What our Customers have to say...

"It costs up front, but you save SO MUCH over the long run and the vacuum sealed packaging makes it so nice to see the meat and keeps it so fresh."

"So easy to come home and open the freezer and have a selection of meat like you are at the meat market, and it's all mine."

"We had forgotten what quality beef taste like. This beef reminds me of the beef I purchased from the butcher in Germany."

Ranch Raised. Ranch Finished. Our family to yours.


Our beef is raised on the short grass prairie. Nutrient dense and hardy grass creates the highest quality beef. Our cattle have remained in the same family herd from day one . Coupled by our low-stress stockmanship practices, we have the happiest cattle. 


From our herd, we select finishing cattle based on performance and condition. These beeves are short-term, natural grain finished on the ranch. Finishing evens flavor and completes the marbling process.

For more information: 

Ewell Cattle Company

Rye, Colorado


Compare and Order

Ewell Cattle Company sells beef for $4 per pound of "hanging weight" for either a whole or half beef. The average hanging weight of a whole beef will range from 590 to 720 pounds. This includes all standard cuts you are familiar with buying from the grocery store. All orders require a $500 deposit.

Download our Price Comparison Chart for your next trip to the grocery store.

Butcher and Pickup

We require a high standard of quality in our beef. As such, we only use U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) inspected facility when it's time to process, the same standard retail grocery stores require. Our beef is transported directly from the ranch to the USDA inspected butcher. After processing, your beef is ready for pickup directly from the butcher to ensure quality from ranch to table.

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