Organize your TEAM:

Each stakeholder/team member will have a clear understanding of individual roles in the team/operation as well as level of participation in guidance and decision making.


Document your VISION

Stakeholders will develop personal and team vision statements that are cascading and aligned. Individuals are empowered to achieve their vision statement and contribute to the achievement of the team vision statement.


Define your VALUES

Experience personal growth of each participant in defining personal core values and identifying weak links and strengths. The team will be aligned on team core values, weak links, and strengths. Participants are empowered to work on weak links and hold each other accountable to the team’s core values.


Set your GOALS

Team members are provided the creative space, time, and encouragement  to develop  a clear understanding of goals of each program. Participants realize relationships between program goals, allowing synergies to be developed between programs.






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